Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace and Dr. Nana N. Mizuguchi


Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace and Dr. Nana N. Mizuguchi


If you want larger, shapelier breasts, you may be interested in breast augmentation. Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace and Dr. Nana M. Mizuguchi are board certified plastics surgeons who have a reputation for impressive qualifications and outstanding results. Dr. Calobrace and Dr. Mizuguchi specialize in breast augmentation.


Women who choose breast implants do so for a variety of reasons, including increased breast size, fuller breasts after pregnancy and weight loss, breast symmetry, and proportion with the lower body. Breast augmentation is designed to increase size, but it does not significantly improve sagging. Depending on their goals, some women choose to combine their surgery with a breast lift.


Breast augmentation involves many options. Dr. Calobrace and Dr. Mizuguchi are able to customize your results by carefully selecting the breast implant type, size, shape, and profile. With your input, they will choose the incision and implant placement that is right for your body type and desired outcome.


In order to give you a clear idea of the results you can obtain and to ensure that the surgeon understands your goals, VECTRA® 3-D imaging system is utilized. This allows you to explore how you could look with different implant options.


Breast augmentation is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, so you are able to return home the day of surgery. You are placed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. The surgery takes about one to three hours to complete. Learn more about Lexington and Louisville breast implants.




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