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Dr. Carl Lentz: Ormond Beach Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Carl Lentz is a board-certified Central Florida plastic surgeon who has been in private practice in Ormond Beach, Florida since 1979. He honors and values the highly personal relationship between a patient and their doctor. Dr. Lentz has extensive experience performing breast augmentation.


Breast augmentation increases the size and shape of a woman’s breasts through saline or silicone gel implants. There are a variety of reasons women choose breast implants: to increase size of breasts, rrestore fullness to breastsafter pregnancy or weight loss, balance asymmentrical breasts, reconstruct the breast after illness, injury, or mastectomy, and increase self-confidence.


Dr. Lentz now offers a new option in breast augmentation: fat grafting. Dr. Lentz can use fat from your own body to increase the size of your breasts. Fat removed during liposuction is purified and only select fat cells are transfered. While the body absorbs some of the fat, most of the grafted fat remains indefinitely.


Dr. Lentz is also certified to use the Keller Funnel for silicone breast implant augmentation. Keller Funnel™ allows women who choose silicone gel implants to benefit from shorter incisions, improved comfort, and faster healing. By using a lubricated funnel, Dr. Lentz can compress the implant through a smaller incision and insert it more precisely. Additionally, the Keller Funnel keeps the implant sterile with a "no touch technique." This method shortens surgical time and reduces the risk of infection.


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