Dr. William E. LoVerme


Dr. William E. LoVerme


Dr. William E. LoVerme is among the top cosmetic surgeons in the Boston area. Dr. LoVerme has been in private practice since 1985. He continually maintains his expertise and remains up-to-date on the latest surgical techniques. The goal of modern cosmetic surgery is to create an enhanced appearance for patients without changing their individual look. Dr. LoVerme has the surgical skill and the artistic ability to achieve natural looking results.


For a woman who feels her breasts are too small, breast implants can be the answer. Dr. LoVerme encourages you to bring photographs of your ideal breast size and shape. Although Dr. LoVerme cannot give you someone else's body, he can use this as a starting point for what will look best on you. Privacy is of the utmost concern and most operations may be performed within Dr. LoVerme's private operating suite without the need for hospitalization.


Dr. LoVerme inserts implants to improve the contour and increase the size of the breast. Factors to be considered before surgery are positioning of the implant, size, shape, height of the implants, whether to use a textured implant, and where the incision will be placed.


Silicone vs. Saline Implants
Feel: Silicone has a much more natural feel
Appearance: Silicone is less likely to ripple
Cost: Silicone is more expensive
Scar: Scars will be slightly longer with silicone implants


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