Dr. Owen Reid


Dr. Owen Reid


Dr. Owen Reid has extensive surgical training and experience in breast augmentation. Breast enhancement is designed to create larger, shapelier breasts. Dr. Reid understands that your reasons for considering breast implants are personal. Whether you have a naturally small size, feel that your body proportions or breast shape could be improved, have asymmetrical breasts, or have experienced a loss of volume after weight changes or pregnancy, breast enhancement may be the answer.


If you choose surgery, Dr. Reid wants you to understand all of your options and play an active role in creating a customized plan for your transformation. Patient education is important to Dr. Reid, and he makes sure each woman understands the limitations of surgery and has realistic expectations about their results. Dr. Reid takes his time explaining the different choices in implant type, size, and location of incisions and implants. Many of Dr. Reid's patients choose to have an breast lift performed at the same time as augmentation to optimize their results.


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