Dr. James Romanelli


Dr. James Romanelli, Long Island Plastic Surgeon


"There's an art and science to every plastic surgery procedure," says Dr. Romanelli. "A surgeon has to have the technical skill, but he or she also needs to be able to perform careful analysis and make great decisions. At every consultation, I discuss with my Long Island breast augmentation patients how I use my training to give them great results."


Many of Dr. Romanelli's patients seek him out for breast enlargement, breast lift, or a combined breast procedure. He has almost 20 years of experience with breast enhancement procedures. In fact, Dr. Romanelli's experience with silicone implants pre-dates the 1992 moratorium, and he has participated in three FDA-approved silicone gel implant studies, making him highly qualified to perform surgery using the new generation of re-approved silicone breast implants for Long Island breast enlargement patients.


Dr. Romanelli is committed to safe surgical results, taking the time to keep up with the latest techniques and technologies. "The guiding principle in all of medicine is 'First, do no harm,'" says Dr. Romanelli. "I want to improve the lives of my patients, and I want to do so in the safest and most comfortable environment possible. By focusing on excellent results, I'm able to perform a beautiful breast augmentation using techniques that help to speed recovery."


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