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Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr: Houston Breast Implant Surgeon


Women seek Breast Augmentation for many individual reasons: to increase breast size; correct uneven breasts; restore lost breast volume due to lost weight, pregnancy, or normal aging; or simply to improve self-image. Breast Augmentation is a very personal decision for a woman; therefore a Breast Augmentation needs to be tailored to meet their individual needs, desires, and specific physical attributes.


No matter the reason, most women have a common goal when seeking out Breast Augmentation: to achieve a proportionate body, with a figure and appearance they can feel proud of. These women want to increase their breast size and improve their body contours, but they do not necessarily want to appear to others as if they have had a Breast Augmentation. Most women do not want their breasts to look fake, artificial, or ‘plastic’; they would like supple, organic breasts that compliment their physical form. Natural looking breasts can be elusive and hard to achieve, only the best surgeon can guarantee this kind of result. There are many combinations of implant type, shape, and size, all translating to a different result for each woman. A practiced cosmetic surgeon, with an artistic eye for aesthetic form, will be able to assist a woman to choose the correct size and shape implant to make them look sexy and beautiful, while at the same achieving an organic, natural appearance for their breasts and body.


For almost 25 years, Dr. Vitenas has been perfecting the art of Breast Augmentation in his Houston area office. As one of America’s most elite surgeons, Dr. Vitenas is highly respected amongst his peers, and sought after by patients across the country. He has extensive, up-to-date training with all types of Breast Augmentation procedures. Through the years, Dr. Vitenas has developed his own, cutting-edge surgical techniques; which allow for a more natural looking Breast Augmentation with the smallest risk of complications, along with the fastest recovery time possible. He dedicates generous time to meeting the specific goals of each patient and closely monitoring their home recovery.


Before deciding on Breast Augmentation, Dr. Vitenas will spend a great deal of time discussing the goals of surgery with each patient. The Breast Augmentation consultation is one of the most important steps in the implant process. This is the time for Dr. Vitenas to get to know his patient, to understand their personal wants and desires, and establish an important dialogue about what to expect from the upcoming surgery. He will show the patient before/after photos of his most recent surgical procedures, use computer imagery to help visual potential Breast Augmentation results, and assist patients as they try on various breast implant sizers. This allows both Dr. Vitenas and his patient to determine the implant size and shape that looks most natural and proportionate on a specific frame and body.


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