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Illinois Plastic Surgeons
Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons

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Dr. Jay M. Pensler     (312) 642-7777     Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Bahram Ghaderi     (630) 762-9697     St. Charles, Illinois

Dr. Michael J. Lee     (312) 926-5800    Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Jose Rios     (815) 744-8554     Frankfort and Joliet, Illinois

Dr. Gus Galante   (800) 721-3244   Chicago, Illinois

Plastic Surgeons  Location
Noor Ahmed, MD City or TownAlton, IL
Otis G Allen, MD Bloomington, IL
Pantaleo J Amoroso, MD Melrose Park, IL
Juan Angelats, MD Maywood, IL
Subramaniam Arumugam, MD Orland Park, IL
Luben Atzeff, MD Lake Forest, IL
Stuart F Baker, MD Decatur, IL
Nabil A Barakat, MD Elmhurst, IL
Bruce S Bauer, MD Chicago, IL
Stephen R Bayne, MD Moline, IL
Michael E Beatty, MD Alton, IL
Michael E Beatty, MD Edwardsville, IL
Beth Ann Bergman, MD Springfield, IL
Steven P Bloch, MD HighlandPark, IL
Craig Bradley, MD Oak Park, IL
Timothy M Bradley, MD Swansea, IL
Lilla A Breyer, MD Wilmette, IL
Richard E Brown, MD Springfield, IL
Gary C Burget, MD Chicago, IL
Philip N Bushnick, MD Hoffman Estates, IL
Laurie A Casas, MD HighlandPark, IL
John P Cederna, MD Peoria, IL
Mimis N Cohen, MD Chicago, IL
Clifford L Coleman, MD, DDS Carbondale, IL
John Q Cook, MD Winnetka, IL
Julia F Corcoran, MD Chicago, IL
Richard D Corley, MD, DDS Peoria, IL
Diane V Dado, MD Maywood, IL
Joseph L Daw, Jr., MD, DDS Chicago, IL
Donna L DeCamara, MD Champaign, IL
Gordon H Derman, MD Skokie, IL
Rudolph F Dolezal, MD, BDS Buffalo Grove, IL
David A Dreyfuss, MD Hazel Crest, IL
Gregory A Dumanian, MD Chicago, IL
Aric Eckhardt, MD Moline, IL
Michael A Epstein, MD Chicago, IL
Geoffrey C Fenner, MD Evanston, IL
Julius Few, MD Chicago, IL
Theodore D Fifer, MD Effingham, IL
Neil A Fine, MD Chicago, IL
Elysa Barack Fisher, MD Wilmette, IL
Joseph A Franco, MD Oak Park, IL
Hatem A E Galal, MD Oak Brook, IL
Gustavo E Galante, MD Chicago, Illinois
Nelson F Gauto, MD Herrin, IL
Peter D Geldner, MD Chicago, IL
Jack Gelman, MD Hazel Crest, IL
William N Georgis, MD Rockford, IL
Diane L Gerber, MD Chicago, IL
Robert M Gerson, MD Woodstock, IL
Bahram Ghaderi, MD St. Charles, Illinois
Elias G Gikas, MD Chicago, IL
Myles E Goldflies, MD Schaumburg, IL
Lawrence J Gottlieb, MD Chicago, IL
Mitchell F Grasseschi, MD Evanston, IL
Mark A Grevious, MD, FACS Chicago, IL
Reid H Hansen, MD Peoria, IL
Gerald Harris, MD, MBA Chicago, IL
Richard J Hehmann, MD Belleville, IL
Jennifer M Hein, MD Geneva, IL
Todd S Hewell, III, MD Hinsdale, IL
Michael Horn, MD Chicago, IL
Ricardo Izquierdo, MD Naperville, IL
Raymond V Janevicius, MD Elmhurst, IL
M. R. Jayasanker, MD Oak Lawn, IL
Peter E Johnson, MD Des Plaines, IL
Robert S Kagan, MD Buffalo Grove, IL
Ramasamy Kalimuthu, MD Oak Lawn, IL
Andrew J Kontrick, MD Waukegan, IL
Richard Kopolovic, MD Hinsdale, IL
Helen Kraus, MD Chicago, IL
Gary Kronen, MD Elmhurst, IL
James M Kurley, MD Champaign, IL
Philip G Lambruschi, MD West Dundee, IL
John G Lease, MD Chicago, IL
Michael J. Lee, MD Chicago, Illinois
Raphael Carl Lee, MD, ScD Chicago, IL
Victor L Lewis, Jr, MD Chicago, IL
Frank C Madda, MD, DDS, MS Hoffman Estates, IL
Stephen A Madry, MD Barrington, IL
M Vincent Makhlouf, MD Glenview, IL
Dean A Manus, MDWest Dundee, IL
Norman J Markus, MD HighlandPark, IL
Michael A Marschall, MD Wheaton, IL
Stanley P Maximovich, MD Hinsdale, IL
Mary H McGrath, MD, MPH Maywood, IL
R Craig McKee, MD Belleville, IL
Peter McKinney, MD Chicago, IL
McKay McKinnon, MD Chicago, IL
Rigoberto J Mendoza, MD Chicago, IL
Stephen M Milner, MD Springfield, IL
Gabriel O Mooney, MD Oak Lawn, IL
Florence Mussat, MD Chicago, IL
Thomas A Mustoe, MD Chicago, IL
Michael W Neumeister, MD Springfield, IL
Reed G Panos, MD Champagne, IL
Vincent Pelletiere, MD Inverness, IL
Jay M Pensler, MD Chicago, Illinois
Lisa J Peters, MD Forest Park, IL
Rodger W Pielet, MD Chicago, IL
Otto J Placik, MD Arlington Heights, IL
James M Platis, Jr, MD Chicago, IL
John William Polley, MD Chicago, IL
Edgar A Quintero, MD Naperville, IL
Talmage J Raine, MD Hinsdale, IL
Sai S Ramasastry, MD Chicago, IL
Jose Rios, MD Frankfort, Illinois
Jose Rios, MD Hinsdale, Illinois
Jose Rios, MD Joliet, Illinois
Bradford C Roberg, MD Crystal Lake, IL
David A Ross, MD Chicago, IL
Robert C Russell, MD Springfield, IL
Amorn Salyapongse, MD Belleville, IL
Robert R Schenck, MD Chicago, IL
James D Schlenker, MD Oak Lawn, IL
Susan M Schneider, MD Joliet, IL
James E Schuetz, MD HighlandPark, IL
Laura L Semba, MD Naperville, IL
K.G. Shah, MD Peoria, IL
Rajendra R Shah, MD Oak Lawn, IL
James M Sheridan, MD Peoria,, IL
John Smith, MD Chicago, IL
Manutchehr Sohaey, MD Lombard, IL
Sam Speron, MD Arlington Heights, IL
Harry A Springer, MD, DDS Rosemont, IL
Ronald H Stefani, Jr., MD Lombard, IL
Kenneth L Stein, MD Chicago, IL
Iliana Elias Sweis, MD Chicago, IL
Steven M Szczerba, MD Rosemont, IL
Arvydas Tauras, MD Arlington Heights, IL
David Teplica, MD, MFA Chicago, IL
Anthony P Terrasse, MD Lake Forest, IL
Gunnar Thors, MD Elgin, IL
Gilbert E Tresley, MD Oak Brook, IL
Vic T Tsai, MD Joliet, IL
Gregory A Turowski, MD, PhD Chicago, IL
Benjamin A Van Raalte, MD Silvis, IL
Darl K Vandevender, MD Maywood, IL
Frank A Vicari, MD Chicago, IL
Robert L Walton, MD Chicago, IL
Robert C Wanless, MD Belleville, IL
Jerome S Weiskopf, MD Rockford, IL
Joseph R Whiteley, MD Rockford, IL
Thomas A Wiedrich, MD Chicago, IL
Gregory Alan Wiener, MD Chicago, IL
Steven D Williams, MD Bourbonnais, IL
Jordan S Youngerman, MD Decatur, IL
William A Yvorchuk, MD Peoria, IL
Lawrence S Zachary, MD Chicago, IL
Elvin G Zook, MD Springfield, IL
Mark L Zukowski, MD Wilmette, IL

Information provided is for general education about breast augmentation, saline and silicone breast implants, and other cosmetic surgery procedures. This information is subject to change. Smart Breast Augmentation.com does not guarantee that it is accurate or complete, and is not responsible for any actions resulting from the use of this information. General information provided in this fashion should not be construed as specific medical advice or recommendation, and is not a substitute for a consultation and physical examination by a physician. Only discussion of your individual needs with a qualified physician will determine the best method of treatment for you. All board certified plastic surgeons listed are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons are verified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

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